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Pneumatic, electric and DC powered industrial equipment with the same warranties as new equipment.

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When looking for an air winch, especially a Used Air Winch, you need to know your requirements first.  It will be much easier to find the product you need and save you a lot of time.

Ask your end user or customer:

  • 1.  How much cable do you require on the winch drum?
  • 2.  What size cable do you require?
  • 3.  What weather conditions will this equipment be used in?
  • 4.  How much weight will you be lifting?
  • 5.  How far are you lifting?

Used Air Tuggers:

Ingersol Rand Air Tugger    K6UL, K5UL, HU, HUL Ingersoll Rand , Joy, BeeBee air winches available.

10,000 lb capacity Ingersoll Rand Air winch
10,000 lb capacity Ingersoll Rand Air winch

TA2 Thern Air Winch lift 6900 lbs

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Man Rider™ – Offshore Winch Series  $19,000.00



330 lbs (150 kg) to 6,875 lbs (3,125 kg) Capacity

Ingersoll Rand’s offering of dedicated and dual purpose (utility & personal lifting) Man Rider™ winches are known worldwide as the standard for meeting the toughest personnel lifting requirements in the industry.

These rugged, oilfield tough winches have Type Approval or Independent Review certificates issued by the classification societies of ABS, DNV or LRS. Meet NPD, NMD and UK HSE regulations for personnel lifting operations.

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Tall Flange 42 inch drum Air Tugger Winch. Line pull in 32,000 lbs first wrap and 16,000 lb Mid drum. Winch has be rebuilt and is in excellent condition
Excellent condition, call for more pictures
Excellent condition, call for more pictures

HUL-40 2




One problem some people do not know how to calculate is how much an incline can decrease the capacity of a winch. This guide is very helpful in letting you know what capacity you will need if you are dealing with an incline of any kind:





Capstan Hoists/Winches Tower work

These small and portable capstans are the perfect tool for tower work.
These small and portable capstans are the perfect tool for tower work.
Can be ordered in Hydraulic, gas operated and AC power
Can be ordered in Hydraulic, gas operated and AC power
Swivel Base Mount for AC powered, Pneumatic, Gas Powered and DC powered Capstan
Swivel base truck mount for tower capstan

Air or electrically operated
Air operation provides for easy installation in remote applications
Heavy duty all steel construction for maximum durability
Automatic mechanical load brake
Optional free spooling & push button control available


Utility Capstan AC powered or DC powered pole mount
Utility Capstan AC powered or DC powered pole mount


can be ordered as a DC powered capstan
can be ordered as a DC powered capstan

Hydraulic capstan winch


Capacities from 500 to 2,000 lbs.
Air or electrically operated
All steel frame and drum construction
Automatic mechanical load brake
Optional free spooling & push button control available

Lo-Hed Hoist

Lo-Hed™ Wire Rope Hoist

Capacities from 1/2 to 15 tons
H-4 Rating
Excellent performance for durability and reliability
Electric or air powered available
Double brakes standard on all sizes

Rail Car puller




IR Rail Car Puller

Rail Car Pullers

Capacities up to 8,000 lb. starting torque
Large cast vertical drum barrel for long life
Totally enclosed motor and heavy-duty gear box provides safe speed and total reliability
Reinforced frame allows for pulling, sliding or rolling loads on the level, up inclines and around curv

Electric Winches and Car Pullers
200 to 25000 lb (91 to 11364 kg) capacity
IR electric winches and car pullers offer maximum
performance and reliability.
n Standard features:
• Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors are high torque
design, Nema “B” class with an average of 280 percent
starting torque. Rated for continuous duty.
• Winches utilize an automatic disc brake rated at 200% motor
• Structural steel frames allow flexibility in installation
• Car pullers have a lever operated, jaw clutch that allows for:
– disengagement of the drum for free spooling of wire rope
– bi-directional rail car pulling
• Car pullers have an adjustable drag brake to control drum
spinning and cable over-run during free spooling operation
n Options:
• Available in single or three phase motors (single phase through
3hp only)
• IEEE 45 marine grade motor (three phase only) and gear box
available (specify by adding M to model; see How to Order
– Three phase marine grade winch motors have a corrosionresistant
coating on motor windings to prevent corrosion due
to condensation
– Marine grade gear-boxes incorporate bronze filters and
breather cover caps
• Longer or shorter drum sizes
• Drum divider flange and extra cable anchors
• Grooved drums
• Control packages consisting of:
– NEMA 4 magnetic reversing starters (single and three phase)
– NEMA 4 wall-mount pushbutton stations
– NEMA 3R or NEMA 4 hand-held pushbutton pendents
– NEMA 1 or NEMA 4 reversing drum switches (through 2hp only)
• Sandblast/carbozinc primer with a Marine 812 finish
• Heaters (in motor windings)
• Limit switch; 2 position; upper and lower; NEMA 4 class enclosure
• Adjustable torque limiting clutch
• Disengaging clutch
• Horizontal Load Reversing (HLR) designs for load movement in two
directions. Includes grooved drum, two wire rope anchors and a
drum length to spool all wire rope on the first layer
• Explosion-proof components
• Design and manufacturing expertise for special applications



AC powered and Hydraulic WinchHydraulic Winches
1000 Series shown
Low Profile or Base Mount Available
Powerful – Up To 12,000 Lbs. Capacity

HydraHydraulic capstan winchulic Capstan Winches The rugged construction and versatility of the 1000 Series makes it adaptable to a wide range of applications. 1000 Series direct drive winches are used for industrial pulling and hoisting applications including small cranes, rear load waste packers, drill rigs, fishing boats, marine craft, mining and logging operations, flat bed trailers, air freight pullers, rear of cab and front mounting on 1/2 to 1-1/2 ton trucks.

Vertical Hydraulic CapstanHydraulic Capstan Winch

The 1000C Series winches are equipped with a sliding clutch to allow free-spooling of the drum for industrial pulling applications including rear of cab and front mounting on 1/2 to 1-1/2 ton trucks, flat bed trailers, factory material handling, mining and logging operations, air freight pullers, off the road tractors, aboard ships and boats. Both the 1000 and 1000C Series are available with a hydraulic brake, and may be ordered galvanized.
Series 1000
10-A-SR-CAP-10 & 10-A-SR-CAP-20



The model Capstan Winch is specifically designed to handle the daily needs of the utility industry. This winch has a maximum lifting capacity of 3000 pounds, with a top speed of 55 feet per minute. Used for all lifting, pulling or sliding of loads.
Series 1100V
11V-A-SR-CAP-10 & 11V-A-SR-CAP-20The model 10-A-SR-CAP-10-GALV has a pulling capacity of 1500 pounds at 110 feet per minute with a ratio of 10:1. Model 10-A-SR-CAP-20-GALV has a pulling capacity of 3000 pounds at 55 feet per minute with a ratio of 20:1. Both models are built of heavy duty galvanized cast iron to provide optimum performance in marine applications and environments. Commonly used as pot and net haulers.

Small AC Powered Hoist for Home and Farm use

HoistarmII HerculesStrongman HerculesStrongmanIVspecs

Small AC powered Hoist
Small AC powered Hoist
Small everyday Home Use Hoist for special projects
Small everyday Home Use Hoist for special projects