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When you are visiting a country, we all know that finding out more about their rules and regulations is essential. This is to avoid getting into trouble when you are visiting a foreign country. My friend who works at Stuart & Palm City Landscaping and has visited UK several times. He was telling me that some of these rules and regulations are normal and can be found in most of the countries all over the world.

But then there are some strange rules and regulations that you didn’t even know existed. And, this is these rules that you need to remember. These are the strangest rules of England that you should remember. 

You aren’t allowed to touch a pelican without written permission

England has many public parks. And most of these parks have rivers flowing through them. This is why there are so many pelicans in England and their parks. 

However, you aren’t allowed to touch a pelican in England. Especially if you don’t have written permission. You can get in serious trouble if you are touching a pelican. You might be wondering who on earth will touch a wild pelican, but there are many of these pelicans that are used to people and that won’t be scared away. They can even come closer and beg for food. 

No singing and gambling on the Tube

When you are riding on the Tube in England, you will know that there are many rules and regulations. One is that you aren’t allowed to jump the queue. This will get a couple of Englanders really angry. 

However, there are some other strange rules and regulations that you also need to obey on the tube. One of them is that you aren’t allowed to sing loudly on the tube. This is causing a nuisance to other people. And, you aren’t allowed to gamble on the tube. Not in any way. And, don’t think that no one will know that you have been gambling on the tube or that you sang on the tube. They will know. 

Flying a kite in the public isn’t allowed

Not sure if this is a legit England rule and regulation. But it states that you aren’t allowed to fly a kite in public parks. This is because you might bother other people, or injure other people because you don’t see where you are walking.

But, if you are looking at parks, you will see a couple of kids always flying a kite or two in the wind. So, this isn’t a law that we can say for is legit.

In England, it is important to make sure that you know all the rules and regulations that might be strange to you. They are really strict with their rules and regulations and you don’t want to get into trouble because you weren’t familiar with their rules. This is why this is one of the rules that you always need to follow.


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